NJBubbleHockey.org World Bubble Hockey Rankings revealed...

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Jeremy Davis from Connecticutt continues his reign as the World's #1 ranked Bubble Hockey Player with back-to-back-to-back-to back wins at the Molson/ICE World Championships (Nov 2011, Tonawanda, NY), the LaBatt/AHL Bubble Hockey Championships (3/31/12 in Hershey PA), the IceHouse Invitational (05/05/12, Burlington, NJ), and the Burlington Bubble Classic (11/03/12, Burlington, NJ).  Check out several South Jersey Bubble Hockey League (SJBHL) members rounding out the Top 10, like World #2 JG, #6 Bill Brooks, and #7 Jimmy "thefuture" Schwartz.  See also SJBHL Top 20 players #14 Brian Nelson, #15 Dan Pettit, and #16 Scott Storck and Kevin O'Mally - check it out today!  Check back here at NJBubblehockey.org throughout 2013 for the latest RANKINGS updates!!!

NJBubbleHockey.org National Bubble Hockey Rankings (last edited November 5, 2012)

www.NJBubbleHockey.org has an exclusive Player Ranking System based on player performance in recent tournament history (the 3 most recent calendar years - 2010, 2011, and 2012). Ranking Points are calculated as follows:


Tournament points: tournament points are awarded based on final order of finish in a tournament style event, and the total # of players entered in the event. Here's how points are awarded:

10-19 player events - 20 points for finishing 1st, 10 points for finishing 2nd, and points in inverse order 8-to-1 for 3rd through 10th place finishers;

20-29 player events - 30 points for 1st, 15 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, inverse order 7-to-1 for 4th-to-10th place finishers;

30-39 player events - 40 points for 1st, 20 for 2nd, 15 for 3rd, 10 for 4th, and inverse order 6-to-1 for 5th-to-10th place;

40-49 player events - 50 points for 1st place, 25 for 2nd, 20 for 3rd, 15 for 4th, 10 for 5th, inverse order 5-to-1 for 6th-to-10th finishers

50+ player events - 100 points for 1st place, 50 for 2nd place, 40 for 3rd place, 30 for 4th place, 20 for 5th place, 15 for 6th, 10 for 7th, 10 for 8th, and 5 each for the 9th and 10th place finishers.



***Tie finishes in tournaments are awarded points equal to the highest possible finish in single elimination events***



Additional Points (10) are also awarded for 1st Place finishes in Pool Play where applicable


That's the scoring/ranking system, and of course it is subject to change over time based on what the bubble hockey community wants to see and what NJBubbleHockey members want. So, without further adieu, as of March 31, 2012, here is the www.NJBubbleHockey.org Top 20 World Rankings:


#1 - Jeremy Davis (CT) - 398 points.  Winner of the 2012 Burlinton Bubble Classic.  Winner of the 2012 IceHouse Invitational 05/05/12.  Winner at the LaBatt/AHL Championships 3/31/12.  Winner of the Molson/ICE World Championships in 2011, plus a 2nd place finish in 2010.  Several other strong tournament showings at smaller events in NJ since 2009.  Undisputed #1 Bubbler - anywhere...


#2 - *John Gaffney* (NJ) - 218 total points.  Winner of the 2010 ICE Bowl World Championships in Buffalo and the IceHouse Invitational in New Jersey in 2011.  Several other strong finishes since 2009, including 3rd at New Era in 2009 and 5th at the ICE/Molson 2011 National Championships.  Won the 97.5/Coors Light Bubble Hockey Championships 05/06/12 (non-SuperChexx).  The only other bubbler besides Jeremy to win a World Championship event since 2009. 


#3 - Kenny DuBois (MA) - 160 points.  Kenny only played in 3 events since 2009, the two (2) national tournaments sponsored by ICE/ Molson in 2010 and 2011, and the Labatt/AHL tournament in 2012.  Oh yeah - he finished tied for 3rd in 2 of them, and 2nd in the other, losing only to Jeremy in each tourney.  Here is another player who would surey rise in the rankings with more events played.


#4 - Doug Davis (Ct) - 157 points - tremendous showings in each of the last 3 national events, placing 5th in 2010, 2nd in 2011, and 5th in 2012, as well as a 6th at the 2012 IceHouse Invitational 05/05/12 and a 2nd Place at the 2012 Burlington Bubble Classic.  Often loses only to Jeremy or other higher ranked players.  Might be the most serious threat to big brother Jeremy's reign at the top.


#5 - Mark "the Woj" Wojtkiewicz (NY) - 150 points - Buffalo's finest, Mark has been a very solid player in all the national events since 2009 and has dominated the local Buffalo bubble scene for long before then.  He has placed highly in nearly all the national events, and also was part of the last Bud Light Bubble Boys National Champion Doubles Team "Little People" in 2003.


#6 - *Bill Brooks* (NJ) - 149 points.  Bill has made a steady climb toward the top of the rankings, posting a strong win at the 2011 97.5/Molson tournament in Philadelphia and multiple top 5 finishes at local and national events since 2009, including a strong 2nd Place at the IceHouse Invitational 05/05/12, losing to Jeremy in the Finals.


#7 - *Jimmy "thefuture" Schwartz* (NJ) - 135 points.  Jimmy has a couple tournament wins in local events in NJ since 2009, and several strong finishes in all the major events he entered since 2010.


#8 - Al Jennings (MA)70 points - Al has a recent 3rd place at 2012 the LaBatt/AHL tournament as well as a qualifier win.


#9 - Dan Giganti (NY) - 55 points.  Maybe the Buffalo area's fastest rising bubbler, with increasingly higher finishes seemingly in each event he enters.  Look out for Dan in 2013 to maybe make a move up the rankings if he can play in some more events.  


#10 - Brian Connor (NY), Erich Markee (MA), Mike Marciniak (NY) - 50 points.  These guys all tied for 5th at the 2012 LaBatt/AHL tournament, impressive stuff indeed.  More appearances on the local and national scenes might mean more points for these accomplished bubblers.


Rounding out the Top 20:


#13 - Jason Truskoski (CT) - 47 points

#14 - *Brian Nelson* (PA) - 37 points

#15 - *Dan Pettit* (PA) - 33 points

#16 - *Scott Storck* (PA) and *Kevin O'Mally* (PA)

#18 - (tied with 30 points each) - Matthew Butler (MA), Frederic Cassivi (PA), Jim Thompson (CT) 


*denotes SJBHL member*


Check back here at NJBubbleHockey.org throughout 2012 for all the updates as more tournaments are announced!!!  The next events is set for April or May 2013 in New Jersey!!!